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Special Thanks

For inspiring me with his innovative creations.
For allowing me to use his characters as a template to create my first mugen creations.

For ripping and providing most of the sprites for everyone and Trunks

Just for offering help

Jo, Oboro, JedahUK, Kratos, Xgargoyle, Boris, & Ken Masters
For Stages

Super Mystery
for allowing me to use some if his Buu sprites

Big Eli King and OrochiKOF97
for having Android 18 open Source

Ninja Naruto
for opting to code Gohan.

SSJ SonGoku
for coding chibi Gohan

for finding the pic that became Burter's Portrait

for the the Burter sprites as well as the Jeice edits.

DJ_Sturks for Jeice and burter Sounds.

SuperMystery, K.O.D, DJ Sturks for Testing.

Luis2345 for Burter's AI.

Razor for Trunks' Blast hand movement sprites

557 for the Custom SSJ Vegeta edits(the outfit)

Blindsideme85 and AngelsBlade for helping with SSJ vegeta's hair.

ynvaser for the screenpack intro

AgentSix, Zodiac, SonicZX, and Negi Springfield for English SNDpacks Anyone who helps or gives constructive feedback to me.