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About The Dream

How it all Began
August 27, 2006, 09:03:49 AM
Mugen Guild post by Stig87

"Ok I know there are always people having thes Ideas that are never attainable and blank desires that they never actually contribute to making a reality but I just have my own little vision.

A complete DBZ game.

But not the the normal DBZ (SNES) type game.

I'm sure everyone is familiar with Choujin's DBZ characters. Their size, there supers, their gameplay and there seemless integration into the rest of the mugen Characters out there.

My dream is to have Every character from DBZ arcade 1/2 featured in a full DBZ game.

I have approximately 20 stages most made by other creators, some edited by me to include the super jump but each stage has its own music directly from Bruce Faulconers Soundtracks to give it a real DBZ feel (if you've watched American DBZ that is)

I even have a screenpack for it (DB SSJ with replaced lifebars. But of course due to the many restrictions, in the community can never share this DBZ experience with the world

I just wish there was a way to share my experience with everyone else, and even broaden it by adding more characters (I am willing to create) , and being able to release a complete game and share it....

Hopefuly this isnt just a dream........."

Progression of The Dream

Choujin's Characters

SSJ Goku
Android 16
Mr. Satan (Hercule)
Dr. Gero(Android 20)
SSJ2 Gohan

Stig87's Characters

Future Trunks
SSJ Vegeta Patch
Android 18
Captain Ginyu

Other Characters

Kid Gohan
Fat Buu
Insect Cell
Every DBZ Arcade 1 and 2 a couple of extras by me and others.
I.E. Hyperbolic Time Chamber

Music from the American DBZ soundtracks

A Custom Screenpack by me.

The Dream Lives On...