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by Miaoyu

Original Release 12-24-08

It is my(Miaoyu) fifth character. This character is made by wenchu(Team OS). I(Miaoyu)thank him, I finished the character quickly because he gave me his permission to use his sff, snd, cns and so on. I modified the pictures in the sprite to make it fit for other characters' size, and I modified some of his code, debug and changed the effect of most of the skills. So you can see a finished character. I also thank L.C and stig87 because of their help during my work. Luckily I finished the character before Christmas Day, and I can release it as a Christmas gift. The character made by wenchu is a open resourse, so you can edit anything expect TenShinHan.cns. because it belongs to choujin but not me. Special Thanks to :
Wenchu : allowed me to take his character as a base on.
Choujin: For some cns code
Stig87 : presented the code of some actions and made the "snd" file.
at last, thanks to all of my friends who have helped me.
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