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Omega Shenron
by Gladiacloud

Original Release 6-30-13

Gladiacloud here.

I know, in May I left you high and dry, but I had my reasons to do so.

I wanted to work on something truly awesome, and I could not do it in a month.

Now the wait is over.

Today, 6/30/13, I release my last new Dragon Ball character. I'm sure many people were waiting for him.

As always, thanks due to G.O.D. for sounds and Choujin, Stig87 and Miaoyu through which I could use many of their sprites to create my new character.

The feedback will be welcome, but I would like remind you that in the lv.3 super there is a small bug that I could not solve. :P

Now my last two questions:

1) Omega Shenron will be my last Dragon Ball character? Yes... but for the moment.

2) What will be my next character? I do not know, there are a lot of characters in my mind and I do not know which one to choose. But be assured that I will make one of them. :)

Have fun and I hope you enjoy it. I worked really hard this time. Guild Release Thread


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