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by Miaoyu

Original Release 10-10-08

This is my(Miaoyu) fourth character. It is based on the WIP character of Stig87, and is made in the style of "choujin" system.
you will find it is a two-mode character, and it has two modes, a "throwing skill" and a "hitting skill" modes.
Hold start while choosing recoom for the second mode.
enjoy yourselves.

In the character, basic actions and sound are finished by Stig87, the spirits are from Majita. other spirits are drawed by Bioleon, and editing the pictures is finished by me.

thanks to :
choujin : allowed me to take his character as a base on
. Stig87 : presented a wip character, and made the "snd" file, did a lot of favor to me.
Majita : shared most of the spirits.
bioleon : helped drawed some spirits.
mastchen : present a tutorial of "rigid body".

at last, thanks to all of my friends who have helped me.
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