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Meta Cooler
by Gladiacloud

Original Release as Cooler 4-21-13
ReReleased as Meta Cooler 7-7-13

Finally, after a month (and three days before my birthday), I completed my 7th Dragon Ball Z character:

(UPDATED 22/4/13: fixed the most important things)

Also in this case, I have to make some thanks:

Thanks to Miaoyu/Pt_wu, which created a Cooler that he (had)never released ... And that inspired my Meta Cooler (like Uub);

Thanks to G.O.D./Alex S., for having ripped the voices.

Very big thanks to Choujin for his Freeza, that I used like a template for my Meta Cooler.

I wait for your feedback. Good luck and have fun! Guild Release Thread


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