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This is my christmas gift. It would have had an original Christmas release but everything I do must come with AI.

So here he is: Krillin in Choujin Style

His sprites are from Shin Butoden. They may look a little deformed because of the scaling to make him a reasonble size.(He's smaller naturally) The pallettes are tweaked to feel teh way I want them to, including altered skin color etc.(These are all edited to some extent.

Krillin becomes the first person to have a Level 2 Kamehameha and rightfully so, his kamehameha should be as effectient as the others. The Destructo disc is krillins primary weapon. Release it in the are or on the ground and it will track down the opponent.
Use the solar flare to stop an oppenent in their tracks (if they're looking of course I:E in an attack or normal standing state)
His AI is Beatable but challenging

Original Release 12-28-07 Updeated 1-26-08
Destructo Disc from Eli's Android 18
Effects and certain moves derived from various Choujin Characters
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