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Captain Ginyu

This is my longest WIP.
It took me much over a year to develop him due to my constant roadblocks with ideas for him. It all turned out for the better for I would have never been able to do the things I did with him without this year of experience that spanned the creations of Buu, Trunks, Burter, SSJ vegeta, android 18 and Krillin.

Its been long awaited. But here he is. CAPTAIN GINYU!! If ginyu's health is low enough....the change now move will result what looks like Ginyu's death but in actuality p2 will have died after the swap. P2's body will do the win pose............but ginyu wins the round. His AI is Beatable but challenging (because the change now move is level 3 ...he'll probably never get to the point of using it)

Original Release 2-10-08
Updated 12-24-08

Sprites Ripped by Majita
Additional Sprites Created by me.
Effects and certain moves derived from various Choujin Characters
Various Code originally by SuperMystery
Guild Release Thread


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