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The lack of Buu saga characters in the DBZ arcade games has forced me to again turn to Shin butoden (as I did for Buu). I present Dabura(Dabla in Japan) in Choujin Style.

As usuall I tweaked the pallettes to add a bit more contrast, the original SHin butoden color is still available.

Use the Madusa spit to stop an opponent in their tracks. Or pull out the blade for a good slice. Unleash the Madasa Spitting Onslaught with 4 different finishes(check the readme). His AI is very challenging being that it is derived from Piccolo's.

Original Release 08-10-08

Sprites Ripped by Majita
Many Custom sprites and ideas by Iced
Base code developed from Choujin's Piccolo
Guild Release Thread


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