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My favorite WIP. I pulled him out of the hat while on my Captain Ginyu Creator's Block. I wasn't going to start on him but then the ideas came coming. Then AcesHigh showed me his Jeice edits, and the lightbulb was brighter than ever. Jeice is meant to be fully integrated into his gameplay. He can be called in at any time (for a cost) however he drains ki(power), and will leave upon power reaching zero. Hits done by Jeice do not add any power. Purple flash attack can only be done with jeice. All other supers, modified by his presence. The charge is still available with Jeice, but it's near useless(very risky) due to the powerdrain.
For those of you wondering if the character can actually fight without jeice....Don't worry, he's fast, and his combos are deadly.
He is equipped with My own Custom AI. Its a bit difficult, but beatable.
A nice guild member suggested that I not make all my characters the same.....This is my response.

Original Release 9-6-07
Updated 2-26-08

Sprites Ripped by Me..and some from an old MGBR Thread
Additional Sprites (Burter & Jeice) Created by me.
Original Concept for Jeice Edit by AcesHigh
DJ_Sturks for Jeice and burter Sounds.
SuperMystery, K.O.D, DJ Sturks for Testing.
Luis2345 for the ORIGINAL AI.
Effects and certain moves derived from various Choujin Characters

Guild Release Thread

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